Sensual and protective

Symbol of prosperity and sensuality, just like Sulis, you are protective and wise, you know how to keep your lightness and charm in all circumstances.

Goddess of healing and solar you are caring and warm, you like to be of service to your friends.

In tune with your desires and confident in your abilities, you like to embark on exciting new projects.

Sacral chakra symbol , 2nd chakra

Sensuelle Sulis brings sensuality, self-acceptance & opens you to others.


  • Magnetic

    Very surrounded, you know how to leave room in your heart for all the forms of love you feel for your loved ones.

  • Foresight

    Although adventurous, you like to plan everything to make sure nothing can happen to your loved ones.

  • charmer

    In harmony with your femininity, you like to play the subtle game of seduction. Always with tact and elegance, you pull out of the game.

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