Protect the historical and natural heritage

Recognized since Celtic times for its healing properties, the Saint-Genulphe source (also called "the source of Aimée") has been a major place of pilgrimage since the 12th century.
Located in the Loiret, on the lands of Aimée in Montcresson, it is today at the heart of the association Le Jardin d'Aimée.

His first project: planting the first roses of the DAMASCENA variety intended to make rose essential oil.

It is on the land of her family, in the Loiret, that Valérie Demars, president of the association Le Jardin d'Aimée, wanted to create a place of sharing around agroecology and reconnection with plants.

"Planting roses is for me an act of love, the one that I wish to offer to the world."

Valerie Demars.


  • TRAINING (from September 2023)

    We are in the process of creating a place of peace and serenity, where perfume plants can flourish in peace. We want everyone to discover this unique olfactory experience, through workshops on how perfume is made, from the plant to the finished product. We will also offer training in permaculture, phytotherapy and aromatherapy, in order to make visitors aware of the benefits of plants and their use in our daily lives.



    Adopt a baby Damascena rose and offer the Earth and Men its scent of love. You will be his godfather or godmother and you will receive news from him. This plant project is intended to produce organic Rose Damascena essential oil, a first in France since Grasse.


    Our association's mission is to promote agriculture that respects the environment and health. In this context, we have decided to restore the soils impoverished by conventional agriculture and to protect the quality of the water from the Saint-Genulphe source.

How was the association born?

More than a year ago, several committed minds met to give birth to the Jardin d'Aimée.

Valérie Demars


Sébastien Lafont

The team also includes Sébastien Lafont, a landscaper
municipal for 20 years, he is a fervent defender of the permaculture technique.