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What is Aromaparfumerie?

I created and patented the concept of Aromaparfumerie® in 2014. This formulation is based on the alliance of Aromatherapy with Beautiful Perfumery. Each Aimée de Mars perfume-care is composed of an active heart of 21 natural Essential Oils combined with natural and vibrant Aimée Spring Water.

Essential Oils are chosen according to their virtues, known and recognized in Aromatherapy but also according to their vibratory rate.

Why aren't all Aimée de Mars perfumes certified?

The first perfumes created were not certified. Indeed, we have favored the hold and the sillage while keeping a small synthetic fraction.

In 7 years, we have progressed and developed a "house blend" based on essential oils which allows us to ensure better hold for our 100% natural perfumes.

Since 2020, all new fragrances have been certified COSMOS NATURAL.

Why are Aimée de Mars perfumes certified Cosmos Natural and not Cosmos Bio?

We have chosen to retain the possibility of formulating with absolutes (eg Jasmine, Tonka Bean, Benzoin, etc.) which are authorized in the Cosmos Natural and not Cosmos Bio specifications.

What does the Slow cosmetic label mean?

It is an ecological and ethical approach based on a common desire to promote a mode of consumption based on 4 main criteria: intelligent, reasonable, ecological and human.

It is also a militant and international association, which awards the “Slow Cosmetics Mention” to brands committed to truer beauty. Aimée de Mars has been a Slow Cosmétique laureate since 2014.

Are Aimée de Mars perfumes photosensitizing (reaction to the sun)?

Aimée de Mars perfumes have been formulated to be non-photosensitizing (no reaction to the sun). They all respect the IFRA 49 formulation which guarantees a reasoned and consistent use of essential oils.

For example, the photosensitizing molecule, bergapten, can be isolated from Bergamot essential oil without altering its properties. You can therefore enjoy Bergamot and the sun with complete peace of mind.

Can pregnant women use Aimée de Mars products?

Yes ! Aimée de Mars perfumes have been formulated in accordance with IFRA regulations which require compliance with a certain percentage of materials and Essential Oils used. They are therefore compliant and pose no risk to pregnant women. In addition, we of course do not use any reprotoxic essential oils.

All our perfumes are formulated without endocrine disruptors. in current scientific knowledge. Where ¾ conventional perfumes contain endocrine disruptors.

Finally, favor 100% natural references!

Is the longevity of perfumes similar to that of conventional perfumes?

Yes, we tested their staying power against that of conventional perfumes and their staying power is similar.

What are the precious stones present in the eau de parfum elixirs used for?

These are exceptional and precious perfumes. We go even further in Aromaparfumerie® by adding to the powers of essential oils the action of stones through lithotherapy. Precious and semi-precious stones have an energetic action on our body and our mind, multiplying the vibratory effect of these precious perfumes.

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In which stores can I buy natural perfumes liked by Mars?

You can find our perfumes in organic stores, institutes or in natural and vegan concept stores. Find all our points of sale near you in the POINTS OF SALE section.

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Can I receive samples by mail?

We do not deliver individual samples, but if you want to discover and test our different fragrances, we offer discovery boxes.

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