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Esprit des Bois Home Fragrance Sticks

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Revitalize your home with the ESPRIT DES BOIS fragrance stick thanks to the energy of sage, vetiver and pine.

Magic of the goddess Dana who reigns over the depths of the Irish forests, ESPRIT DES BOIS brings a mind-body communion with primitive nature.

100% natural origin

Capacity : 100 ml - Shelf life : 2 months

Olfactory Notes

Vetiver, pine, sage

Assets & benefits

- Clary Sage is now grown mainly in France, Russia and the United States. It has important purifying properties.

- Vetiver is a root with a warm woody and earthy smell. Nicknamed the oil of tranquility thanks to its soothing properties

- Cedar is a symbol of anchorage and longevity, the life expectancy of cedar can reach up to 2000 years. Active on the Root Chakra, it is linked to the forces of Nature and brings calm.

“Treat the trees, the flowers, and the animals, and the healing spirit will be upon you. » Celtic wisdom

Ingredients : Eau de Saint Genulphe, organic wheat alcohol, atmosphere-enhancing concentrate with essential oils

Contains :

Linalool (composed of bergamot), Oils, Bergamot, Vetiveria zizanioides (composed of vetiver)


Immerse the sticks in the bottle then let the perfume diffuse into your interior. Suitable for large spaces (living room, bedroom, etc.), rattan sticks absorb and diffuse in your home.

Tip : for a more intense scented atmosphere, turn the sticks from time to time.

Duration of use : 2 months.

Esprit des Bois Home Fragrance Sticks
Esprit des Bois Home Fragrance Sticks

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    La puissance des éléments issus du Ciel et de la Terre.


    labeled Cosmos Natural and Slow Cosmetics


    Une action-soin pour le corps et l'esprit.

10/10 d'après vos 3 avis
  • Agnes R.
    Publié le 12/08/2023 à 17:55. (Date de commande : 03/08/2023)

    Bien Y aurait-il possibilité d’avoir des recharges pour éviter de racheter un flacon à chaque fois.

  • AnneMarie B.
    Publié le 20/04/2023 à 10:14. (Date de commande : 13/04/2023)

    Donne vraiment l'esprit des bois. Enchantée de ce produit.

  • Agnes R.
    Publié le 03/11/2022 à 16:09. (Date de commande : 22/10/2022)