First revelation: becoming a perfumer

Daughter and granddaughter of a peasant, I grew up in the countryside raised by caring parents, a loving grandmother, by the river and a spring. I remember my grandmother's garden: a garden of herbs and old roses.
20 meters from this garden, a marvelous fountain, with the strange name of Saint Genulphe, housed a square of spring water known to the Celts. After school, I shared my time between my grandmother and the land around the spring.

This energy of love nourished me, it was from the source that my first revelation came: to become a perfumer.
Combine plants, offer something magical: like an air of paradise.

I feel this is an ancient memory, another life spent in Egypt where I was already assembling myrrh, frankincense and many other essences in temples to honor the gods.

Little did I know that this first revelation would be the start of many others, a profound metamorphosis towards the long path of Self-love.

“The robin watches by my side while I write, a sign of the presence of my grandmother always by my side. »

This dream of a profession as a perfumer led me to study chemistry, then cosmetics and perfume at Versailles. Then began my years of apprenticeship in the business world: 10 years spent in a large house in the luxury industry, Parfums Givenchy. I learned all the workings of the trade there: technique, project management and above all human relations, which were dearest to my heart. I met beautiful people who accompanied me and made me grow professionally and humanly.

I was on the edge of my childhood dream. I met the expectations of the company: launch new products with a concern for cost performance and deadlines. A little inner voice told me sometimes that I was getting lost on the way, that it still did not fully respond to the
revelation, but I was not listening.

I had the pleasure of becoming a mother twice. And when I should have bathed in the most total happiness: I was sad, the tears were flowing for no reason.
This little-talked-about postpartum depression affects many women after childbirth. Was it just the hormones or also my soul crying? I was going through this difficult period. I had noticed that what made me feel good, what calmed me was taking care of the plants and flowers in my garden where I found a little peace. I had also forgotten the paradise of my childhood and the source. To turn a page, we decided to start a new life in La Rochelle in order to raise our daughters in a more natural environment than the Paris region.

I joined a large organic cosmetics laboratory, Léa Nature, where sense and ecological awareness guided our actions. 13 years of happiness with a very committed human team.

Also passionate about my job, I forgot a little about my body, which I was abandoning. A new crisis was on the way: I found myself bedridden for 15 days in the hospital, unable to walk, read or write. I had to learn to walk again. I was stretched out, diminished, “useless” and a small voice appeared again: creating perfumes.

Honestly, I wondered at the time where this new message was coming from and just promised myself at the time that I would really listen to it if I made it out of the hospital. I got out... and life took over.

This time, I thought about the message: “create perfumes”. A flood of fears arrived at the same time: am I capable? I haven't touched fragrant extracts since school. But this time, the proximity of death gave me the strength to say stop to the fears, mine and those of my family.

So I set up my perfume organ at home, in the attic, and started sharing my time with plants and their most concentrated essences: essential oils. I had lost hearing in one ear but my sense of smell had increased tenfold. I remember how the arrival of each new sample was a joy for me, how I felt alive in front of this makeshift organ.

It was the rose that taught me my first perfume, I imagined something soft, floral, powdery.
The first perfume range "les jardins d'Aimée" was launched in 2015, with organic alcohol and demineralised water.

Second revelation: spring water

It's time to tell you about the second revelation I received at the source in 2015: incorporating water from the source into perfumes. At that moment, still somewhat locked in my classic corpuscular vision of matter, I censored myself: why do that? It took a second message and then a third to decide to listen to this little voice. Was it my grandmother Aimée or the divinity of the source?

After that, everything accelerated, I met by chance a druid in the alignments of Carnac in Brittany, who transmitted to me the use of the pendulum.
I began to feel and accept the principle of energy.
Why certain places tired me, others rejuvenated me, and apprehend the vibratory rate, the vital energy and the vibration of plants, vegetables, humans and water.

Un autre monde venait à moi : le monde de l’énergie, de l’invisible.

J'étais de formation chimiste classique, bien sûr j’avais entendu parler de la physique quantique et de l'énergie, mais de façon très lointaine. Je commençais à accepter enfin l’existence d’autre chose, non visible à l’œil nu : le monde de l’invisible, des énergies de la Terre, du Soleil, de la Lune, des éléments dont nous sommes tous constitués.

La pratique du yoga et de la méditation pendant toutes ces années m'a soutenue sur ce chemin. A cela, s'ajoutait la pratique des exercices avec le pendule qui m'a permis d'accepter dans mon corps le principe de l'énergie.

I understand why today, I no longer hear with my left ear: it's to better hear the messages that I receive otherwise.

I understood that I was a channel, that is to say a "support", the receptacle of the messages of my guides, of which my grandmother is a part.
I recognize his messages, in various forms: mirror hours, the presence of robin, feathers and other signs and above all I hear him answer my questions and my doubts.

Gradually, I learned to compose less with my head than with my heart: letting the plants come to me for the message they had to transmit to us in the perfume that I composed.

For example, myrrh and frankincense, my 2 mythical materials, are often "transmitted" to me because they accompany us on our path of transformation. It is the feminine and the masculine, the yin and the yang at a very high vibratory rate which allow us to feel the subtle, to listen to our soul, to the divine within us. For me, the soul sits in the heart, listening to your heart is easy to say but it's been a long road and sometimes the ego comes back and the fear of the gaze of the other comes: "what will people think if I share my posts? ".

Accepting this originality is the path to healing for me: that of self-love .

We all have something unique to offer the world, our soul knows it, we often have that connection for up to 7 years, then it gets diluted and we forget. The path of metamorphosis towards self-love for my part is given to me by the difficulties that I had to transcend, by the sense of smell and aromatic plants. It is my means of transformation and my means of transmission.

Water is also another vector, purification, healing, I am very lucky to live near the source in which I bathe sometimes. She purifies me, I feel her energy: strength and softness, power and fluidity.

The return to the source