romantic and creative

Symbol of romanticism and water, just like Ophelia, you are gentle and in search of happiness, persevering, you are not easily discouraged.

Goddess forever young, your candor floods your abundant creativity.

Generous, you listen to your family and friends, you are always there for the people you love.

Throat chakra symbol , 5th chakra

Douce Ophelia promotes dialogue & the communication of repressed feelings.
She will know how to bring you an opening towards the other.


  • Poetic

    Sensitive to the beauty of the world, you know how to marvel at the small daily spectacles.

  • Understanding

    Indulgent, you know how to forgive your loved ones and do not hold it against them for their mistakes. You don't like to hold grudges.

  • Positive

    You know how to face adversity and always find the positive in difficult situations and the good in people's hearts.

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