Comforting & feminine

Mythical queen and mother goddess, just like Isis, you are skilful and protective, you know how to defuse conflicts brilliantly.

Magician and loving goddess, you are ready to do anything for your family.

Refined, you enjoy highlighting your femininity, while being elegant, you know your strengths and know your desires.

Third eye symbol , 6th chakra

Divine Isis brings self-confidence, appeasement, serenity and helps to accept criticism.


  • Intuitive

    Attentive to the feelings of others, you are a soul to whom one likes to confide.

  • Patient

    You know how to give the benefit of the doubt and wait for the person to reveal themselves sufficiently before forming an opinion, which is never fixed forever.

  • Confident

    Although indulgent with those around you, you can be very hard on yourself. Almond and iris restore self-confidence and calm.

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