Plants of exceptional quality, conscientiously cultivated in their land of origin.

During a very intense meditation, I could feel in my body that we are made of the 4 elements.
Earth, Fire, Air and Water.
There was no longer any separation between my body and these elements.

In perfumes and care, these 4 elements are present:

- The fire with organic wheat alcohol and the distillation of essential oils.

- The Terroir and the air where the plants grow

- The water of Saint Genulphe, the source of Aimée

- Our friends, the plants: we pay particular attention to the provenance of the plants that make up our products.

My mythical materials

The Rose

The rose is the queen of flowers , by its beauty and its vibration: it is strength and softness and opens our heart as soon as we breathe it.
It also helps us to accept ourselves as we are: with our shadows and our lights. Consciously look at our shortcomings. Observing, listening to the plants helps me a lot to make this path of acceptance: does the rose prevent itself from delivering its marvelous perfume because it has thorns?

Even today, when I feel sad, I breathe in the rose and its vibration soothes my heart. This summer, I had the chance to pick the Centifolia rose petals at Domaine St Jerome (, a breathtaking beauty.

Origin and quality: Damascena rose absolute from Bulgaria

myrrh and frankincense

Myrrh and frankincense, my 2 heart materials , are often "transmitted" to me because they accompany us on our path of transformation.

It is the feminine and the masculine, the yin and the yang at a very high vibratory rate which allow us to feel the subtle, to listen to our soul, to the divine within us.

Origin and quality: essential oil of myrrh and frankincense from Somalia


The essential oil of the joy of living par excellence , you just have to breathe it to have a smile on your face.

An olfactory meditation with it allows our solar plexus to radiate.

Origin and quality: essential oil from Calabria in Sicily

The Black Oud

It is in fact a cousin of Oud in the name of Aetoxylon Sympetalum of the Thymeleaceae family, just like its cousin Agarwood or Aquilaria. Which earned him his nickname. This material is unparalleled to ensure the hold and the sillage of the perfume.

Origin and quality: Aetoxylon essential oil from Borneo in Indonesia.

The Palo Santo

Palo Santo Essential Oil comes from harvesting the fruit by hand, this keeps the trees alive to ensure the sustainability of the biodiversity of this region of South America.

Palo Santo Essential Oil is an excellent anti-inflammatory and helps fight many fears, from panics to phobias.

Origin and quality: essential oil from Ecuador


The mineral kingdom is just as rich as the plant kingdom.
Even if intuitively it seems more complex to connect with the energy of the crystal, the energetic properties of stones and crystals have been observed for millennia, especially among the Egyptians.

In the Elixir Originel collection, I wanted to add this energetic dimension by letting a small sparkle of each crystal infuse within the bottle.

The energy of the stone is thus transmitted to the perfume and therefore to ourselves.