Originally from Western Asia, Clary Sage is now grown mainly in France, Russia and the United States. The Clary Sage harvest takes place during the flowering period, in August.

Known since the year 800 in Europe, clary sage is robust and very aromatic.
Priests, alchemists and healers in Europe believed that this plant made it possible to better distinguish good from evil and to develop maturity and wisdom. Considered a treasure of the gods, it was used to ward off spirits.


    Clary sage has relaxing properties. It relieves the state of physical and mental fatigue.


    The base notes give the trail of the perfume. They are expressed for up to 24 hours and are most often composed of vanilla and woody notes.


    The leaves can be extracted fresh or dried. Depending on the mode of extraction used, we can obtain an essential oil or an absolute. Clary Sage essential oil is however used more than absolute.