Frankincense is also called Olibanum and its resin Olibanum.
Frankincense resin is obtained from the bark of a shrub called Boswelli carterii. The older the trees, the better the frankincense resin.

Used in amber and oriental perfumes, incense brings warmth, comfort, softness and hold to perfumes.

Used in Egyptian Mythology, frankincense is considered the oldest perfume in the world.


    Frankincense is anxiolytic, rebalancing and revitalising. It is particularly useful in case of weakened immune system


    The base notes give the trail of the perfume. They are expressed for up to 24 hours and are most often composed of vanilla and woody notes.


    It takes about 1.7 kg of incense gum to obtain 1 kg of incense resin.
    Depending on the method of extraction used, we can also obtain frankincense essential oil.