Used since antiquity, aquamarine was nicknamed "Stone of the sailor" and "Stone of courage": it was known to protect navigators from drowning and guarantee their safety during a voyage.

Aquamarine comes from the Latin “aqua marina” which means sea water. It owes its name to its magnificent blue-green reflections which evoke the color of the sea and the oceans.

Symbolically, aquamarine represents the mouth which serves to communicate and breathe the soul. She also embodies water, the source of life.

  • 5th CHAKRA

    Active on the Throat Chakra, it promotes self-expression and openness to others.


    Aquamarine balances the three bodies (mental, emotional, physical). It soothes fears and helps meditation and spiritual evolution.

  • BLUE

    Aquamarine is a light blue or green mineral. Its bluish transparency evokes that of the sea.