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Force & Confiance ritual

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We are the 4 elements: we belong to the Earth in the same way as animals and plants.

Gain strength and confidence in your connection with the Earth with our selection :

  • Esprit des Bois Spray home fragrance, for a revitalised home and a communion of body and spirit with nature.
  • Huile Soyeuse Désirable, sensory and regenerating, for a deeper connection to the earth
  • Terra 21 perfume sample, a call to return to the earth
  • Belle Rose perfume sample, a tribute to the blossoming of flowers and the embodiment of femininity
  • A ritual card with a guided meditation to connect with the earth

This treatment ritual comes with an organic cotton pouch and a ritual card.

100% natural origin

Olfactory Notes

Cedar, Sandalwood, Myrrh, Pine

Ritual of connection to the Earth

1/ Make yourself comfortable, seated and feel the earth under your feet.

2/ Diffuse the Esprit des Bois perfume around you, you are immediately transported to the middle of the forest.

3/ Take a few deep breaths and when you are very relaxed, imagine a big golden and luminous root starting from the base of your spine and plunging down to the heart of the earth.
The root is full of vitality and draws its energy from the earth's molten sun.
You are connected to the Mother Goddess and all living beings.
Gently raise this energy to the base of your spine.
Then imagine that some of that energy is going down your legs, then into your spine, then into your arms, and finally into your head.
Feel your whole body vibrating with Earth energy.
Now visualize all the energies you don't need and bring them down your spine to be neutralized by the earth.
Don't be afraid to give your "bad" energies to the earth, it will know how to transform them...

4/ Perform a massage of the sacrum (lower back) or full back (if you are 2) with Desirable Silky Oil.

5/ Finish the treatment by perfuming yourself with Terra 21 or Belle rose.

Force & Confiance ritual
Force & Confiance ritual

Our products are


    the power of the elements from the earth and the sky.


    labeled Cosmos Natural and Slow Cosmetics


    an action-care on the body and the spirit.

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