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Lune Pleine Bougie

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Full Moon, the candle of revelation

This intense and sometimes tumultuous lunar encounter exposes our emotions, making it impossible for us to hide behind false pretenses.

The natural essences of Lavender, Palo Santo and Sage purify your space, enveloping you in softness and helping to open your consciousness to revelation.

100% natural origin

Capacity: 150g - Usage time: 40h

Olfactory Notes

Lavender, Palo Santo, Sage

Assets & benefits

100% from natural origin.

- Lavender is relaxing and linked to the third Chakra (Solar Plexus), it restores self-confidence.

- Sage protects, purifies the energy of the room.

- The palo santo eliminates negative energies, strengthens confidence, promotes our relaxation.

- Bouquet of essential oils
- European soy wax and coconut guaranteed without GMOs.
- 100% cotton wick.


Ritual by Catherine Saurat-Pavard
1) After lighting your candle, visualize the full and bright Moon above your head, your gaze under closed eyelids, turned towards it.
Admire her beauty and send her a first message: “Dear Moon, you who have already covered my greatest hopes and my questions, thank you for revealing your observations to me at this moment. »

2) Visualize it sliding from the top of your head over your shoulders like a large white shawl. Feel the purity of this wrap.
Accept in your conscience the messages addressed to you. You can ask him for clarification or formulate questions in your interior. If you don't get answers right now, let life show them to you over the next few hours or days. Trust the process.

3) Finally, thank Lady Moon for her presence and kindness. The pleasant white shawl on your shoulders dematerializes as it resumes its shape above your head.

Also thank the Sun for allowing this meeting.

Lune Pleine Bougie
Lune Pleine Bougie

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    The power of the elements from Heaven and Earth.


    labeled Cosmos Natural and Slow Cosmetics


    An action-care for body and mind.

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  • Nadine H.
    Publié le 23/02/2024 à 13:05. (Date de commande : 16/02/2024)


  • Christelle S.
    Publié le 11/10/2023 à 20:27. (Date de commande : 03/10/2023)

    Belle senteur.

  • Catherine V.
    Publié le 22/07/2023 à 09:08. (Date de commande : 12/07/2023)

    Je n ai pas encore assez de recul mais déjà j'ai ressenti des effets positifs.

  • Christelle R.
    Publié le 15/12/2022 à 15:40. (Date de commande : 27/11/2022)

    produit bien présenté dans son pot en verre, sent bon, mais pas encore utilisé, à la prochaine pleine lune...

  • Ruth R.
    Publié le 07/12/2022 à 12:10. (Date de commande : 26/11/2022)

    Un cadeau très apprécié !

  • Julia B.
    Publié le 01/12/2022 à 13:30. (Date de commande : 16/11/2022)

    Tres bon