sensitive and protective

A symbol of strength and fertility, just like Cybele, you are at the same time indomitable, wild and sensitive.

Goddess, healer and close to nature, you know how to be firm but also gentle.

Thoughtful and composed, you are good advice and always seek to protect and take care of your friends and loved ones.

Symbol of the root chakra , 1st chakra

Indomptable Cybèle reconnects you to the present, to stability and to reality. This will protect you from negativity.


  • Strength

    You know how to show great strength in the face of difficulties and tend not to want to show your cracks.
    Knowing how to be vulnerable with the people who love you could relieve you.

  • Independent

    You cherish your freedom and your independence, you need to feel in possession of your destiny.

  • Steady

    Anchored in reality, you are aware of your duties and do not run away from your obligations.

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