Bright & responsible

Symbol of joy and power, just like Hathor, you are the sun of your family, you know how to juggle all your obligations perfectly.

Amorous and solar goddess, you are sensitive and cannot bear the injustices done to all forms of life.

Calm and collected by nature, you can turn into a fierce lioness to protect your loved ones.

Symbol of the crown chakra , 1st chakra

Adorée Hathor rests the soul and allows you to refocus on yourself.

It brings clairvoyance and unties the mind.


  • loyal

    Faithful in love as in friendship, your loved ones know that they can count on your presence in difficult times.

  • Thoughtful

    You know how to keep a cool head when the going gets tough. You do not flee the conflict and try by all means to resolve it with reason.

  • Passionate

    Behind your image of reason hides a woman listening to her desires and her passions.

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