Known since Antiquity, amethyst is an essential mineral for its beauty and its tranquilizing properties. Stone of the spirit and of wisdom, it is very often linked to the divine and to royalty.

The word amethyst comes from the Greek “methystos”, which means intoxication and from the prefix “a” expressing the idea of deprivation.
Amethyst therefore means "without intoxication". The Romans used to drink wine from amethyst cups to protect themselves from drunkenness.

The Hebrews called amethyst "ahlamah", which means dream. Indeed, they thought it could cause sweet dreams and premonitory visions.

  • 7th CHAKRA

    Amethyst acts on the Crown Chakra by harmonizing and revitalizing it. It promotes meditation and concentration.


    Amethyst helps overcome anxiety and stress by soothing the body and mind.


    Amethyst ranges from pale pinkish mauve to dark purple and comes in the form of crystals.