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Lune Nouvelle candle

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Lune Nouvelle, the candle of eternal Spring

This candle has been made to initiate each new lunar phase: it accompanies you as you open up to the subtle energies of renewal.
Each new Moon brings opportunities for fulfilment and realisation.

A candle of intention, it has an invigorating scent of lemon litsea and cut grass, ideal for your manifestation rituals.

Made with 100% natural wax (soy and coconut), and a bouquet of essential oils of litsea, jatamansi and incense.

Capacity: 150g - Shelf life: 40h

Olfactory Notes

Top notes: lemony beds, cut grass.

Heart notes: sage.

Base notes: myrrh.

Assets & benefits

The flame and scent of this candle will help you set your intentions for the new moon.

- The lemony bed is invigorating, invigorating and increases the ability to concentrate.

- The nard (jatamansi) helps refocusing, meditation.

- Incense purifies space and promotes inner peace.

99.55% of natural origin.
European soy wax and coconut wax guaranteed GMO free.

100% cotton wick.

Non-exchangeable and non-refundable.


Ritual proposed by Catherine

Light your candle with a match in awareness of the creative energy it symbolizes.

  • Sitting, with your back straight, eyelids closed, visualize the Sun and the Moon perfectly aligned above your head.
  • Place the hands on the knees.
  • Start drawing circles with your navel inhaling forward and exhaling backward.
  • Extend the exhale by drawing the navel towards the spine. Thanks to the energy spiral that you create with this movement, you make room for renewal.
  • Continue by expanding the circle and also engaging your chest in the movement with each forward inhale. For 1'30min in one direction then for 1'30min reversing the direction of rotation.
  • To finish, inhale in the center by raising your arms to 60° to form a V and channel the energy towards the center of your chest. Breathe into the pose. Welcome the power of these new Sun and Moon energies.
  • On an exhalation let the arms go down by the sides and bring the hands back to the thighs, palms facing the sky, stay as long as you wish, listening to the breath of life which manifests itself.

If intentions arise in your consciousness, write them down in a dedicated notebook. These can emerge within 24 or 48 hours. Give them time to show up .

Visualize the fulfillment of your intentions by candlelight, then extinguish it with gratitude. Relight the candle within two days to reaffirm your intentions.

Lune Nouvelle candle
Lune Nouvelle candle

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10/10 d'après vos 8 avis
  • Pauline B.
    Publié le 23/04/2024 à 15:14. (Date de commande : 04/04/2024)

    J adore cette bougie, l odeur est agréable. Je la recommanderais 👍

  • Rollande Q.
    Publié le 09/09/2023 à 18:49. (Date de commande : 01/09/2023)

    En attente d’une utilisation prolongée sur la durée pour me prononcer d’une façon certaine

  • Christelle R.
    Publié le 15/12/2022 à 15:41. (Date de commande : 27/11/2022)

    belle présentation dans son pot en verre, sent bon, mais pas encore utilisé

  • Julia B.
    Publié le 01/12/2022 à 13:31. (Date de commande : 16/11/2022)

    Tres bon

  • Catherine G.
    Publié le 31/10/2022 à 19:07. (Date de commande : 10/10/2022)

    Parfum apaisant

  • Alexandra L.
    Publié le 10/05/2022 à 19:28. (Date de commande : 13/04/2022)

    étonnée et ravie dans cet étonnement!

  • Emmanuelle M.
    Publié le 18/04/2022 à 09:56. (Date de commande : 01/04/2022)

    Top J'adore, Planant...

  • Benedicte R.
    Publié le 11/04/2022 à 11:27. (Date de commande : 30/03/2022)

    Frangance envoûtante et inspirante, j’adore !