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5 langages de l'amour ritual

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Put into practice some of the Languages of Love with your partner with this treatment ritual made up of :

  • L'huile Soyeuse Désirable, a highly sensory oil that allows you to work on anchoring yourself in depth.
  • The Sadhana meditation candle to purify and raise the vibration of the room. 
  • The 7 à Toi 100% natural discovery box - Floral & Oriental Collection - an opportunity to discover a different fragrance together every day.
  • A sample of the fragrance Métamorphose.
  • A card drawn from the Metamorphose Oracle by Anne Ghesquière.

This skincare ritual comes with an organic cotton pouch.

Olfactory Notes

Rose, Sandalwood, Myrrh


Tell your darling that you've signed them up for a very special session.
Prepare a welcoming and romantic place by lighting the Sadhana candle.
Sage, cinnamon and palo santo will purify and increase the vibration of the room, while installing a soft and warm atmosphere.
Offer him a back massage with Desirable Silky Oil with accents of ginger, vanilla, cedar and amber.
Starting first by massaging the sacrum by making small ∞ of infinity then extend on the back.
Tell her how much you love her and what qualities you like best about her (or him).
Continue the massage by closing your eyes, focus on your heart and what you feel for the person and let your hands be guided by your intuition.



Do you know this book by Gary Chapman?
The 5 different languages ​​of love according to him are:
- Spend quality time together
- Have meaningful words
- To render services, to have attentions
- Be tender, touch each other
- Make gifts

Gary explains to us that we have 2 or 3 main languages, specific to each of us to show our love to others.

Practice some of these Love Languages ​​with your partner.

5 langages de l&
5 langages de l&

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