Aimée Demars is my grandmother's name.

Aimée de Mars is my grandmother's name.

Of course, it's a tribute that I pay him by giving his name to the brand.

A grandmother's unconditional love knows no bounds and this is a powerful ground for growing on the difficult path of self-confidence and self-love.

I had the chance to spend a lot of time close to the one who taught me the sanctity of nature and love, respect for people and life in general.

She was a peasant, a peasant's granddaughter, a line of healing women, close to the Earth, plants and animals.

Born in 1912, she had to take care of the farm alone when her husband, my grandfather, was imprisoned for 4 years during the war. It was not easy, but she did it with faith and a smile, because she was in touch with her own divine spark.

She showed me the way to healing through plants, through love, through resilience and forgiveness.

It was also what allowed the renovation of the small fountain, this source where I leaned when I was 10 years old and near which I felt a deep peace.

His son, my father, guardian of the spring, in turn passed on to me the care of preserving this water and this Celtic place, because it had always been written that I, in turn, had to watch over this marvelous place.

I in turn became the guardian of the source.

Aimée de Mars was aptly named: sweetness and action. Love and strength, well-balanced feminine and masculine polarities.