I compose more with my heart than with my head: letting the plants come to me for the message they have to transmit to us.

This is how the composition of the 21 essential oils of the active heart present in each perfume came about, as well as by applying the principles of aromatherapy and olfactotherapy.
The olfactory notes of the active heart present in each perfume act to provide general well-being.

Then each perfume has a unique action thanks to its specific composition, a unique trail that reveals a character, a personality and releases our emotions:
joie de vivre, relaxation, self-confidence, anchoring, openness of the heart, self-expression, radiance...

The sense of smell is the only one of our senses that passes directly through the unconscious.

The olfactory notes that we perceive when we smell a perfume pass directly through the unconscious, into our limbic brain.
Seat of our emotions, it plays a major role in our everyday behavior. A perfume is always associated with a memory, according to our experience or our olfactory experiences.
This is how the scents we breathe trigger reactions on our behavior and on our organism without our being aware of it.

Our natural formulation charter

Comparison between a conventional perfume and a natural Aimée de Mars perfume

The creation of a perfume conceals many mysteries, reading their composition is often difficult and obscure.
In order not to be copied, the formulas often remain secret, you do not see the detail of the composition but just "PERFUME".
Perfume manufacturers do not have a legal obligation to declare their entire composition, only the allergens that are present. Thus, it is difficult to distinguish between a perfume using natural raw materials and a conventional perfume.