We decided to register our commitments in the statutes of the company.
Thus, the company becomes a company with a mission within the meaning of the Pacte law of 2019.

Objective 1: Take care of the Earth by reducing our environmental footprint

- Favor local production.

- Minimize the percentage of plastic in packaging and favor recyclable cardboard packaging.

- Prioritize deposits and top-ups.

Objective 2: take care of women and men by offering products with high vital energy

- Create energizing scented products.

- Create certified 100% natural products.

- Collaborate with fair and caring producers.

Objective 3: share fairly

- Share activities with employees related to the world of well-being.

- Offer flexible hours to employees.

- Share our income and support associations (1% of our turnover is distributed among three causes: social, environmental and animal).

Objective 4: share inspiring practices and implement educational actions

- Enhance the educational dimension of the House and share well-being rituals with its spiritual community.

- Co-create scented products with inspiring people