A noble material in perfumery, sandalwood is appreciated for its woody, sweet and milky notes. In the East, sandalwood is rooted in cultural and spiritual traditions; in weddings it is burned so that the smoke surrounds the bride and groom.

Connected to the second chakra, it promotes the imagination and increases the integration of spiritual energies.


    Sandalwood is renowned in traditional medicines for its ability to cool hot emotional states, and soothe the spirits.


    The base notes give the trail of the perfume. They are expressed for up to 24 hours and are most often composed of vanilla and woody notes.


    Sandalwood is extracted by hydrodistillation, it takes 50 kg of wood to obtain 1 kg of essential oil.

Composition: 50% Alpha-santalol, 20% Beta-santalol, 15% santalene…