The Cistus is a shrub about 2m high, giving pretty flowers that can be pink, red or white depending on the variety.
In perfumery, cistus labdanum is mainly used in oriental, amber, spicy notes, but also in chypre accords.

Until the 1920s, the shepherds of Crete or Cyprus harvested the gum from Cistus Labdanum by combing the goats and sheep whose hairs had become loaded with gum while browsing the fields of Cistus.


    Cistus Labdanum brings positivity and optimism. Its smell affects sensitivity and artistic sense.


    The base notes give the trail of the perfume. They are expressed for up to 24 hours and are most often composed of vanilla and woody notes.


    Harvesting takes place in summer, when the plant is covered with a layer of fragrant gum.

Composition: Alpha pinene (50%), Linalyl acetate (5%), Eugenol (1%)