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Rituel Sakura air freshener spray

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Purify your home and your thoughts, with this fragrance featuring soft notes of white flowers, cherry and papyrus.

Drawing on the Japanese tradition of Hanami (cherry blossom contemplation) and Onsen ritual (purification through water), Rituel Sakura room spray takes us back to Zen Buddhist wisdom.

100% natural origin.

Capacity: 100 ml
Olfactory Notes

Benzoin, Vanilla, Myrrh.

Assets & benefits

- Benzoin is appreciated for its sweet vanilla and balsamic smell, with accents of caramel. It is linked to the second chakra and promotes contact with emotions and trust in others.

- Sweet and reassuring vanilla is a spice from the Orchidaceae family. She is
today mainly produced in Madagascar.

- Myrrh , with vanilla and woody notes, is native to Somalia, Ethiopia and South Africa. The dry and hot savannahs offer the ideal climatic conditions for the cultivation of this tree.

Natural rattan sticks.

Ingredients: Saint-Genulphe water, organic wheat alcohol, atmosphere-enhancing concentrate with essential oils.

Also contains: linalool (composed of bergamot), linalyl acetate (composed of bergamot).


Immerse the sticks in the bottle then let the perfume diffuse into your interior. Suitable for large spaces (living room, bedroom, etc.), rattan sticks absorb and diffuse in your home.

Tip : for a more intense scented atmosphere, turn the sticks from time to time.

Duration of use : 2 months.

Rituel Sakura air freshener spray
Rituel Sakura air freshener spray

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10/10 d'après vos 3 avis
  • Nathalie S.
    Publié le 17/01/2024 à 18:31. (Date de commande : 10/01/2024)

    Ma chambre est sublimée par ce doux parfum d'ambiance. Je n'ose commander d'autres ambiances et énergie. J'aimerais que ces différentes senteurs d'ambiance puissent exister en échantillon :)

  • Claire L.
    Publié le 29/07/2023 à 15:15. (Date de commande : 22/07/2023)

    Parfum très agréable. Je recommande. Je suis satisfaite de mon achat.

  • Marie J.
    Publié le 24/08/2022 à 13:00. (Date de commande : 09/08/2022)

    Génial ! Belle surprise