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Aimée de Mars formulates natural Aromaperfumes. A vibrant alliance between the pleasure of the senses and body and mind benefits.

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Innovation of the Aromaparfumerie®

Valérie Demars, the founder of Aimée de Mars perfumes, has created and patented the concept of Aromaparfumerie®: an innovational prowess reuniting the aromatherapy, the perfumery and the olfactotherapy.

True association of well-being, our Aromaperfumes enable the harmonization of the emotional body…

  • The art of perfuming
  • A natural and pleasure offer
  • Smelling good and please the body and the mind

Aimée de Mars perfumes, what are they ?

"Every fragrance I create is like a breath of unconditional love, a scent of paradise.

Through them, I can share romantic settings that have inspired me, and take you on a journey to a place where body and soul become one."

Valérie Demars.

Close to nature, Aimée de Mars has developed 3 lines of perfumes:

  • Le jardin d'Aimée: floral fragrances
  • Les éléments d'Aimée: fresh fragrances
  • Les étoiles d'Aimée: oriental fragrances with gemstones

Natural and Vegan perfumes with an active core

Classical perfumery has got a panel from 3000 to 4000 ingredients whereas Aimée de Mars have invented subtles alliances using 10 time less ingredients (around 300) for its natural perfumes.

Vibrating, delicate and natural, at the heart of each composition is the happiness equation: 21 100% natural essential oils with active molecules and beneficent vibratory potential.

Aimée de Mars has got the certification "VEGAN", a security guarantee and a commitment of our Charter based on our values and beliefs :

  • No endocrine disruptor
  • No coloring, chemical filter...
  • No chemical ingredients or « dead ingredients » that can have noxious consequences on organism

Reputed brand in the natural perfume business, you can find us in natural stores in France and abroad.


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