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Simply natural scents...

Naturally effective


Essential oils are distilled directly from the plant. They represent its very soul.

A plant soaks up the sunlight to create its own energy. The constituents and energy of the plant are concentrated in the essential oil.


About Aromaparfumerie®


Aimée de Mars has created a new vision of perfumery, called Aromaparfumerie®.

Aromaparfumerie® combines fine perfumery with the power of plants, in accordance with the principles of aromatherapy and olfactotherapy.

Scents have a powerful influence on the subconscious. They affect our mood, emotions and behaviour.

This inspired us to take the art of perfumery to a new level, drawing on the evocative power of scents and the benefits of essential oils.

Aromaparfumerie® involves replacing the active ingredients at the heart of fragrances with a minimum of 95% naturally derived substances.


Aimée de Mars: fragrance for the body & soul


At the heart of every fragrance lies an active core of 21 beneficial essential oils
This active core acts on your psyche and mood, as the natural substances bring an overall feeling of well-being.
Other ingredients complement the active core and give our fragrances a unique sillage – that lingering trail of scent they leave behind.
Every essence reflects a characteristic, a personality: mischievous, adventurous, romantic, spontaneous…


Which one is you?

Aromaparfumerie® combines pleasure for the senses with wellness of body and mind.


Learn more about our Formulation Charter.


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